I Haven’t Posted In A Long While…

Sometimes during times of stress or agitation…or just laziness I forget how much I love clothes. I wake up and I dread the thought of having to pick something to wear. You know, those times where you lack inspiration and you’re like “I have NOTHING to wear,” and you just want to crawl back into the comforting folds of your bed and never have to look at your closet ever again. I had that for about a month; a fashion depression of sorts. I had stopped following my favorite bloggers (spent most of my blog time on Into The Gloss), didn’t buy anything new and just wasn’t feeling it. That sad and maddening thought that nothing looked good was so consuming.


It’s very strange actually because I always end up leaning towards those “taboos” we’re not supposed to succumb to.


Example: Leggings.


I guess it depends who you talk to. Some girls will tell you that leggings are the best man-made invention since Diet Coke. Others think of them as tight sweatpants and refuse to wear them in public. I lean towards the former. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for comfort.


I’ve heard the “Leggings aren’t pants” speech plenty of times. I’m not saying I’m going to a party in leggings and pretend they’re high-rise pants…I’m not one of those. I’m just saying, if you’re wearing a tunic or just a top that happens to be long and flow-y why not opt for a pair of leggings? As long as your top covers up most of what needs to be covered up (i.e. your bum and your lady bits) I don’t see a reason why you can’t consider leggings as a close relative of the skin-tight skinny jean family.


HOWEVER: I personally only wear black leggings. I just can’t get into different varieties of colors or patterns.


Still, I don’t think you should abuse them too much. Like any other piece of clothing, they shouldn’t be worn everyday. It comes off as lazy and it’s just not exciting. You don’t want to be that person.


About DeadPositive

Cristy... - Born in Panama City, Panama. - Moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin from Panama when I was six. - I speak fluent Spanish. - Fashion and music are everything. - I like the thought of small organic farming. - Contrary to the above, I love city life. - I'm a fashion business major at Columbia College Chicago. - I have a dachshund named Toby. - I love dancing. - I really like Bollywood movies.
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