First Week of School and the Intricacies of City Living


So it’s that time of the year now…Labor Day has passed and the kiddies are back at school. Lucky for me, I’m no longer stuck in the familiar halls of Sheboygan, Wisconsin’s North High. Don’t get me wrong, high school wasn’t a “terror” per se. It had its ups and downs; but now I’m going to college in Chicago and I literally couldn’t love it more.

I’ve been living here for a week and I started classes today. Chicago is everything I wanted. IT. IS. EVERYTHING. It’s loud, it’s fast paced, it’s beautiful and the street style is out of this world. It’s fabulous. It’s everything. There are no more words to describe how enamored I am.

A lot of people have been telling me about how they miss their parents, or how they haven’t made any new friends or how they’re just scared to be living away from home. So far I haven’t felt any of the above. I’m sorry I can’t empathize. I’m very caught up in how new everything is. I’m not overwhelmed. I feel like this is how it’s supposed to be. I’m supposed to love my three very different roommates. I’m supposed to be excited for all of my classes. And I’m definitely supposed to learn about public transportation (…I actually still haven’t done this. There’s just something tricky about subways and busses; I’m used to driving).

I had the realization of how comfortable I was a few days ago. I was wandering around the streets of the South Loop, running some before-school errands. I was walking and listening to Heroes by David Bowie and felt completely at home. I was alone but I definitely didn’t feel that way. I felt relaxed.

Even though I like it, I’ve had some minor difficulties. Public transportation being the first. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the thought that I could get lost and be far away from home, but it freaks me out. Obviously I have to get over it soon, but I’ve always been very good at procrastination. Secondly, I really miss my friends. I’m fortunate enough that four friends from home go to school with me now (one of them being my best friend, Brynn), but I have another set of friends that live in Wisconsin and it’s just weird that I can’t just ask them to come over and hang out. It’s a big change when you can’t see people you’ve spent years with. Lastly and probably the biggest difficulty I have is being self-sufficient. I never thought this would be a problem. I always thought that I was independent and that I was meant to do things on my own. This is partly true, I think. But it’s so different when your parents aren’t here to guide you. I’m an only child, I’m used to my parents and relatives fawning over me and I’ve always been told what to do. But now I’m on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Although it is a little scary.

But I’m ready and eager to get started with my new life here.

And I’m kind of obsessed with the wonderful metropolis of Chicago.


About DeadPositive

Cristy... - Born in Panama City, Panama. - Moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin from Panama when I was six. - I speak fluent Spanish. - Fashion and music are everything. - I like the thought of small organic farming. - Contrary to the above, I love city life. - I'm a fashion business major at Columbia College Chicago. - I have a dachshund named Toby. - I love dancing. - I really like Bollywood movies.
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