I Haven’t Posted In A Long While…

Sometimes during times of stress or agitation…or just laziness I forget how much I love clothes. I wake up and I dread the thought of having to pick something to wear. You know, those times where you lack inspiration and you’re like “I have NOTHING to wear,” and you just want to crawl back into the comforting folds of your bed and never have to look at your closet ever again. I had that for about a month; a fashion depression of sorts. I had stopped following my favorite bloggers (spent most of my blog time on Into The Gloss), didn’t buy anything new and just wasn’t feeling it. That sad and maddening thought that nothing looked good was so consuming.


It’s very strange actually because I always end up leaning towards those “taboos” we’re not supposed to succumb to.


Example: Leggings.


I guess it depends who you talk to. Some girls will tell you that leggings are the best man-made invention since Diet Coke. Others think of them as tight sweatpants and refuse to wear them in public. I lean towards the former. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for comfort.


I’ve heard the “Leggings aren’t pants” speech plenty of times. I’m not saying I’m going to a party in leggings and pretend they’re high-rise pants…I’m not one of those. I’m just saying, if you’re wearing a tunic or just a top that happens to be long and flow-y why not opt for a pair of leggings? As long as your top covers up most of what needs to be covered up (i.e. your bum and your lady bits) I don’t see a reason why you can’t consider leggings as a close relative of the skin-tight skinny jean family.


HOWEVER: I personally only wear black leggings. I just can’t get into different varieties of colors or patterns.


Still, I don’t think you should abuse them too much. Like any other piece of clothing, they shouldn’t be worn everyday. It comes off as lazy and it’s just not exciting. You don’t want to be that person.

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All I Want for Christmas…

All I Want for Christmas...

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Everyday Garb I

Everyday Garb I

Topshop red cardigan / Shirt top, $69 / Goldsign jeans, $385 / Dr. Martens leather boots / Topshop pink backpack / Silver knuckle ring / Rachel Zoe bangle bracelet / Gold charm / Brian Lichtenberg embroidered beanie, $54 / Carven round sunglasses

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In the Elevator Today…

A random girl I’ve never seen before looks over at me and notices my outfit; I’m wearing a dress.

“Aren’t you cold?”

“No, I’m from Wisconsin”.

Warning to those who are not from the midwest and are here for school: You better buck up, it’s not even winter. 

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…Please Stop. Don’t You Know I’m Married?

I’ve never really had any close guy friends. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying. I had my girl friends, and then there were guys in our friend group (my friends were close with guys, and they’re super great and fun but I was never very close with them) but it just wasn’t my thing. Maybe that’s weird, I don’t know. I think when I was young I compartmentalized boys into a “boyfriend” category; so boys are for dating, and only for dating. I had no guy friends.

There were boys I briefly “dated” in high school. And I use that term loosely; none of those little relationships were serious. And then there was Eli. Our relationship had the rockiest of starts. For years we secretly despised each other (he won’t fess up that he didn’t like me when we first met, but I could sense it), but we both grew up into what I like to call “real humans”. We learned that we shared a love for white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies and pomegranate arils and we became good friends. Then more than friends. Then we dated. We got through some difficult times: my over-bearing parents, his ex-girlfriend, my insecurities, his insecurities…typical shit. But from day one, we knew we wouldn’t be like normal high school couples; we didn’t have much patience for mediocrity. It feels like we’ve been dating for at least a millennia and a half.  We’ve established that we’re soul mates; we get each other and we make each other happy.

So here’s the thing….In my head I am a married woman that is pregnant with her first child; completely off the market. And I’ve never had to really think about that until today.

I was walking home from a class today with a new school friend. We live in the same dorm and we have the same class, we get along well, he’s great, I’m great, it’s great. But for weeks I’ve been questioning his sexuality. Maybe this is really awful of me to say (or even think) but usually you get a certain vibe around a gay guy/girl. Right? I was getting those vibes from my friend, but nothing was confirmed. So today, I caught up to him and we walked to The Dwight (my dorm). The temperature had really dropped and the Chicago wind had really picked up and I was walking stiffly with my arms crossed. My friend put his arms around me. Not just a casual arm; but both arms. And I freaked out in my head.

“What’s happening?”

“Why is he even doing this?”

“Doesn’t he know I’m betrothed?!”

“Does this mean he’s not gay?”

“Am I over thinking this?”

“Do all guy friends do this? Is this normal? Am I the weird one?”

The moment passed and we carried on. We conversed until we parted ways when the elevator dropped me off at my floor. But it really weirded me out. I don’t know what it’s like to have a guy friend. I don’t know how this goes at all. But I know that I love Eli, and I felt a little violated having another guy’s arms around me that weren’t his. Maybe it’s because the feeling of having a guy friend is so foreign to me. Maybe I’m just not that into other people touching me (this is actually a fact; I’m not into touching though there are a few exceptions). Maybe it’s because I miss Eli and I wish I was walking home with him instead of my friend. I don’t know.

In conclusion, I’m crossing my fingers so that this won’t happen again. It is way too awkward; and I obviously can’t handle awkward.

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Stylin’ and Profilin’: A Rundown of My Week


1. Went to Madison to visit my boyfriend, Eli, for his birthday. I got him a couple of presents, but I think he really enjoyed the red velvet cupcakes I got him from Magnolia Bakery here in Chicago. Had a blast with him and our friends, now I can’t wait to see him again.

2. St. Lucia came out with their first full album! Lots of good music came out this week, actually. This led me to download 101 songs yesterday. I couldn’t help myself.

3. Decided to change up my diet a little. I’m gonna try to stray away from meat and dairy (and any other kind of animal-based products). Vegan, some would say. I don’t like the pressure of being called a vegan. I feel like it’s a lot to live up to. I’ve done this several times already but I always fall off the wagon. Hopefully this time I can stick with it….we’ll see. (The picture of the meal above was taken at Native Foods. I advise everyone, even meat eaters to go there. It’s beyond tasty.)

4. I went to Wicker Park today for the first time. It’s a wonderful neighborhood. I want to live here. It’s filled with precious brick town houses, coffee shops, trendy/vintage stores and delicious restaurants. I went to a FreePeople store for the first time. It was a big deal. I lost it. It’s like the motherland. (I loved the dress above. It’s the Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip from FreePeople). Go to Wicker Park. Just go.

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Dark Neutrals and Docs: College Gals Doin’ It Right.



I’d really like to start this post with a warning and a very small rant:


I am not a photographer. I don’t even own a camera besides the one on my phone. Moreover, even if I did have a camera I’m still not a photographer. An expensive camera does not a photographer make. I am documenting things I like and most of the time there will be photos involved. I mean, visuals are always nice, right?


Okay, now that that’s over with…


CLOTHES! I was really excited when I saw the two ladies above in my classes. First, because they look fabulous and I love everything about them. Secondly because I didn’t have to stalk them on the streets of Chicago to get their pictures (I should probably get over this fear if I want to really expose my tastes, but we can save the topic of my fears for another post). But putting my shyness/laziness aside, I really do like what these girls did.


Lets start with the girl on the left. I’m very partial to her dark aesthetic. I love dark neutrals, especially black. This outfit just goes to show that you don’t need “color” to look lively and interesting. She’s sporting harem pants, a cropped tank and a cardigan. Simple, but looks so good. She accessorized lightly, only sporting a few bracelets and a necklace. But what really did me in was her head wrap. There are no words. Except maybe a really excited “YES.” I’d also like to add that her lipstick really pulled everything together. The dark plum shade complemented her very well, and my eyes thank her for that.


Gal on the right: I caught her right when we were about to part ways after our Fashion Business class. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Doc Martens and the second I saw her sporting a pair I got really eager. As I said before, I love dark colors. However, sometimes you see something that doesn’t really match the look you usually like but that doesn’t mean you can’t like it. I love this girl’s dress. I’ve never been a girl that was really into florals but this dress is fantastic (this is actually the Modern Chinois Dress from Free People, found here). The wide sleeves…the loose fit…it’s so pretty. And the Docs! I LOVE DOC MARTENS. I really do. Lastly, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without the small show of sock under her boots. Everyone should wear their boots and pull up their socks a little above the boot. Guys too. That should be a law. Your socks are meant to play peek-a-boo. I promise.


That’s it for today. I’ll make sure to find more fabulous people. It shouldn’t be too hard…right?





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